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Copeland Scroll X-Line Unit | Save Energy and Qualify for Rebates

"Refrigeration systems at quick-serve restaurants can consume a significant amount of energy – that's why finding ways to improve energy savings has huge impacts on an operation's bottom line. The Copeland Scroll Outdoor Refrigeration Unit (X-Line Series) sets a new standard for energy efficiency, reliability, and installation flexibility. The X-Line can be used in a variety of applications, such as walk-in coolers, walk-in freezers and display cases. Operations in need of a refrigeration face-lift could also see a 30-60% increase in energy savings by retrofitting their aging architecture. Local utilities are also offering rebates for X-Line installations, further increasing savings.

Backed by the reliable Copeland Scroll compressor, and its industry leading CoreSense diagnostics, the X-Line optimizes operational efficiency and delivers a quick ROI for operators. With availability for applications commonly found in today's foodservice and food retail establishments, the X-Line is perfect for any application – large or small."

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