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Retailer Trends in Distributed Controls and Electronics

In recent years, the increased adoption of distributed controls and electronics has begun a transformation in refrigeration and system design within retail markets. The evolution of facility management systems and internet of things (IoT) technologies is bringing the benefits of equipment connectivity within reach for many retailers. As an expert in the implementation of these systems, John will explain how retailers can utilize facility management control platforms with distributed refrigeration controls to enable more effective maintenance, operations and energy management strategies. He’ll give attendees an overview of a distributed controls architecture at the site level and explain how it can serve as the foundation for enterprise-wide facility management integration.
Ron will explain how enterprise software complements the adoption of IoT strategies by converting the growing range and volume of data into useful information that enables retail companies to more efficiently meet their business objectives.
Presenters: John Wallace, Director of Innovation, Emerson and Ron Chapek, Director, Product Management, Enterprise Software, Emerson