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Customer Service Experts

customer service experts

In this episode, Lindsay Headings and our co-host, Vickie Blakey, are joined by three HVAC customer service experts: Ty Gates, Zane Pockrandt, Scott Frymann from Logan A/C & Heat Services in Dayton, Ohio. These industry experts provide insight on the benefits of talking through two-stage technology with the homeowner. We also discuss comfortability at home during the pandemic and other topics.

Host: Lindsay Headings, Digital Marketing and Content Manager, Emerson
Co-host: Vickie Blakey, Product Marketing Manager, Emerson

  • Ty Gates, Comfort Consultant, Logan A/C & Heat Services
  • Zane Pockrandt, Comfort Consultant, Logan A/C & Heat Services
  • Scott Frymann, Comfort Consultant, Logan A/C & Heat Services


  • 0:09 – Welcome
  • 0:21 – Two-stage system recommendations to customers
  • 3:22 – Advantages of two-stage vs single-stage system
  • 4:18 – Explaining two-stage systems to customers
  • 5:36 – Discussing HVAC terms with customers
  • 6:27 – Helping with buying or upgrading decision
  • 9:53 – Finding the value of buying and upgrading new HVAC systems
  • 13:10 – Training technicians on how to effectively talk to customers
  • 18:42 – Final thoughts and personal stories

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