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Join Emerson and NASRC for Free CO₂ Training

Service technicians are at the front lines of the refrigerant transition in HVACR. As part of our commitment to educating our industry’s vital contractor base, Emerson will be facilitating free CO2 sessions at a natural refrigerant training summit co-hosted by the North American Sustainable Refrigeration Council (NASRC) and Southern California Edison. This three-day event, called Building a Sustainable Technician Workforce, will take place April 4–6 at the Energy Education Center in Irwindale, Calif. Emerson’s CO2 Mobile Training Unit will be on-site to give attendees hands-on experience with a supermarket CO2 system.

Cold Chain Logistics

As the supermarket sector continues its transition from hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerants to lower-global warming potential (GWP) alternatives, natural refrigerants — such as CO2 and R-290 — will play ever-increasing roles. Because many service technicians and HVACR students have had very little exposure to these technologies, the upcoming Building a Sustainable Technician Workforce training summit is a perfect opportunity to gain much-needed experience.

This free, comprehensive training event and exposition will focus on natural refrigerants and offer informative sessions on CO2 and R-290 from the industry’s leading practitioners and manufacturers. Emerson’s CO2 experts will be on hand to facilitate three interactive CO2 training modules that utilize the capabilities of our CO2 Mobile Training Unit. The trainings will provide real-world simulations of a CO2 transcritical booster system featuring a fully integrated system strategy of Copeland™ compression, controls and associated system components. Our Emerson-led training modules will include:

  • Basics of CO2 Learn CO2 refrigerant and system fundamentals, including managing high pressures, safety and handling; stand-still pressures and mitigation; critical point vs. triple point; phase change demonstration; compressor considerations; difference between subcritical and transcritical modes of operation.
  • System and Case Controls — Interface with Emerson’s E3 supervisory control for CO2 applications; access system information from your mobile phone; explore electronics and component integration; view network layouts and floor plans; remotely troubleshoot; and master case control protocols using Emerson’s stand-alone CC200 controller.
  • Piping and Mapping — Review piping and instrumentation diagram (P&ID) mapping; overview of major components; safeties and setpoints, compressor protection; oil management; gas cooler setup and management; high pressure controls; and much more.

This free educational summit will also enable attendees and HVACR students to network with manufacturers and a variety of natural refrigerant stakeholders throughout the equipment supply chain. Technicians who attend Emerson’s training sessions will be eligible to receive North American Technician Excellence (NATE) credits for their participation.

As a proponent of natural refrigerant technologies and an industry steward, Emerson is committed to educating service technicians and providing the tools they need to support this ongoing refrigerant transition. If you’re a technician who’s ready to take the next steps in your natural refrigerant training, register now to reserve your seat at this informative free event. To learn more about natural refrigerants, please visit Emerson’s dedicated resource hubs for both CO2 and R-290. You’ll find extensive information on all regulatory, sustainability and market factors impacting the transition to lower-GWP refrigerants.

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