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Women in HVAC

women in hvac

In this episode, we are celebrating Women’s History month with four of our special guests, Ashley Pleiman, Sandy Heckman, Lynn Williams, and Mindy Ondera from Logan A/C & Heat Services in Dayton, Ohio. First, we dive into learning about the history of women at Logan’s and how they discovered their own careers in the HVAC industry. We also dive into the role of women in the HVAC industry along with the plethora of career opportunities it has to offer. Our special guests further discuss how flexible the industry is and give advice to our next generation of females.

Host: Lindsay Headings, Digital Marketing and Content Manager, Emerson
Co-Host: Becky Hoelscher, Director Aftermarket Sales, Emerson


  • Ashley Pleiman, VP of Human Resources and Finance, Logan A/C & Heat Services
  • Sandy Heckman, VP of Administration, Logan A/C & Heat Services
  • Lynn Williams, Customer Service Supervisor, Logan A/C & Heat Services
  • Mindy Ondera, Director of Install Coordination and Remote Offices, Logan A/C & Heat Services


  • 0:10 – Welcome
  • 1:18 – Sandy and Ashley discuss their history and journey at Logan’s
  • 5:44 – Industry flexibility and career opportunities
  • 8:00 – Is HVAC for women?
  • 10:54 – Mindy and Lynn introduce themselves and share why they chose HVAC
  • 17:07 – Challenges faced due to COVID-19
  • 19:40 – Advice to the next generation of females

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