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Tech Experts Edition: Preventive Maintenance

In this episode, we discuss the importance of and how to perform preventive maintenance. John and James share their knowledge on the best practices and the do’s and don’ts for performing preventive maintenance. They also discuss different visual and noninvasive checks that can be done even if you’re not an HVAC professional. Stay tuned to be informed on the new updated technical support number and how to reach John and James for any technical questions!

Host: Lindsay Headings – Digital Marketing and Content Manager, Emerson

  • James Stevenson – Technical Service Engineer, Emerson
  • John Roberts – Technical Service Engineer, Emerson


  • 0:09 – Welcome
  • 0:50 – How to reach technical support at Emerson
  • 1:40 – Preventative maintenance
  • 1:57 – How long should a compressor last?
  • 3:16 – Application engineering bulletin 105 (AE105)
  • 3:44 – How to perform preventive maintenance without any equipment (visual and noninvasive checks)
  • 9:25 – Compressor failures
  • 9:59 – How often to perform preventive maintenance
  • 10:38 – Things not to do when performing preventive maintenance
  • 14:11 – How to equip your new technicians with good practices?
  • 16:13 – Top 3 things to check
  • 17:24 – Principles of cleaning refrigeration systems (AE24-1105 Bulletin) & liquid line filter drier
    Principles of cleaning refrigeration systems
  • 20:36 – System control settings
  • 23:05 – What to do if you have a noise issue with a compressor
  • 24:35 – Recap and the variables that affect compressor life expectancy
  • 28:07 – How often to perform preventive maintenance
  • 29:17 – System checklist for troubleshooting
    preventive maintenance
  • 31:50 – Question of the week
This episode’s question of the week is now CLOSED. Our lucky winner is Lowell Brooks. Congrats Lowell!

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